unknowoccult666 is a creepy user of roblox that wants to end your doom but some said that unknowoccult666 control hugorrr and renamed hugorrr as letcushotu or totheark which totheark is a character from marble hornets some said that hugorrr encounted the slenderman and turn hugorrr into a proxy there's two new videos called "nnm5fumter58u4t9j8s9t78ar3jo3wa9o5u3whf87awo9fyjo3wf7o3wa7f7" and "yourbestfriend" so here the links

the first video shows a underground room fill with trash, newspapers, and an bed if you bright the video you can see a pronograph in the left corner there's an message that said "music is now turned on" the camera cut to an dead body lying in the bed wearing a tragedy mask with creepy music playing one scene shows the camera man look up and down in the end of the video shows a ghost with his ghost pet was a ghost bird look at the camera with glasses maybe the ghost in the video was the observer from tribetwelve

the second video was a observer video but not in black and white the video it feature a new member for the colletive her name was letcushotu the camera cut to the observer looking in someone window then the camera man walks into a abandoned house and hear someone screaming he goes upstairs to find an candle in the floor then the camera man slowly walks the bathroom to find the rake the camera man turn around to look at his face to find he was letcushotu the camera man then goes to check the celling to revealed the observer's symbol then the camara cut to the forest but she holds another camera she then goes to the boardwalk until she encounted someone shadow with a smiley grin at his face and blood all over in his body then the camara men drops the camera into the grass and holds an axe and tries to kill the shadow but the shadow didn't get hurt a message appear said "i can't stop taking these pills anymore" and letcushotu tells noah to return the journal that he had, then letcushotu facing an tree and tries to jump at the boardwalk the scene cut to a burning playground and then the camera man look behind to see slenderman and slenderman attack the camera man in the end of the video shows letcushotu said goodbye she then holds a knife and finally kills the shadow and the shadow ran off then letcushotu attack the camera with his axe and the video stop responding some said that these videos will crash your windows computer making you a slenderman proxy but some said that hugorrr and unknowoccult666 joining the collective

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