This a footage of delicious baked pie play encounted the creepypasta03:41

This a footage of delicious baked pie play encounted the creepypasta

true roblox creepypasta!!! the portrait (read description

one night once i was playing roblox on my roblox account but then on 7:06 am someone sent me an message it says "come to my place" i did not know what any other choose to do but to play he's game and then suddenly i played it the game it only showed an room with eerie wallpapers and an portrait of an mexican day of the dead skull but then when i looked back something scary happen!!! the back of the room it all turned out to be an endless hallway!!!! but then i decide to walk all the way through it as i was curious it seemed like i was falling forever when i died at the bottom i got exited out of the game automaticlally i decide to play the game again but then i realize something was different i knew something was very wrong until the portrait sucked me in!!!! it take me and falled into an very scary room of meeting skulls!!!! but then i realize that there's something that say on the floor it says "sometimes life is nothing" i left the game quickly when i saw but then the user sent me another message!! it says "have a nice day" i started panicking and i decided just to play an game that i made but then my character changed!!!!! the same user sent me an last message to me it says "have a nice day" again but this time the message says few times

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