School had just finished for the year and I was about to throw my self onto the couch but my brother starting begging for me to play ROBLOX with him. I could not say no, otherwise he would throw a tempura tantrum.

My brother told me to find a game to play. After about ten minutes of looking, I found this game called "Hang with me in the tree" at first, I thought it was a hangout game that took place in a huge tree house. But oh boy was I wrong.

In the game, their was no tree at all. Just a studless part. I walked over to it, I could not move it. It just sat there on the ground. On the side of the part, there was a button. I decided to press it, that was a bad mistake.

After I pressed it, a huge tree appeared. Now I know how this game got its name. In the tree, there was a girl hanging by her leg from a rope tied to a tree branch. In her arm, was the part that I had just clicked on. The girl was drenched with some rather realistic blood. I told my brother to have a bath while I checked it out. For once he actually did what he was told. I stepped closer to the tree.

Another rope appeared. I wasn't scared, because it was obviously fake. But that soon changed. Hanging from that rope, was what looked like my real life self! this time, it was holding the part. I clicked the part again, and it played a very creepy song. "hanging with me, in the tree, thanks for doing this for me. Now look out side. There is a rope. There is a part. That part is me. Watching you hang with me. in your sleep, I hope you have a good dream. Because there will be no morning, I can't wait for you to hang in the tree with me" is what it said.

It was time for me to go to sleep now. I was as scared as anything. I tried to stay awake, but I couldn't.

epilogue: The boy was found hanging in the tree that afternoon, he was drenched with blood. It is rumored that he can be seen in ROBLOX under the username 9088days9088days9088 or something like that.