Hello,My name is xIzeck,Or you can call me by my real name,xIzeck. Do you always hate those ads with the pickles and the "Before he clicked,After he clicked"? Well,Here is another creepy story I made which is basically,

,An actually true story.

ChApTeR 1:Never requested

So basically,Do you know the forums? RT was the most "Beloved" topic,Which I dislike because Everytime when I post a thread,They always call me an OD'er. So basically,When I was about to find a game,I saw an ad of my Character's head and Hats,Also,It had a terrible,Sketchy background saying "Before he requested,After he requested" and it showed a better background and there was a shadow next to me head like there was light over my head. Basically,It looked cool but I never requested. (Picture shown isn't my Character.)I clicked on it and It showed a black thumbnail saying,Shadow requests,Basically it was weird when I first say it,I typed in the comments "First! By the way,Why did you use my head since I never requested?" and I was the first commenter,I decided to join,Which costed 120 for access,But it was worth it. then,I spawned,There was a black tunnel in front of me with some picture frames,There were requested pictures from other people that like to have one,There was a little button on the end of the hallway,with curiousity,I stepped on it,Then,The wall turned over,The hallway had torches for lighting when it was dark,I knew that this was going to be interesting.

ChApTeR 2:The struggle

There was a flight of stairs,Down and up,I decided to go own to see what the creator was working on,Then,After I arrived,There was a cellar door that was clickable,So,I clicked on it,Then,There was a bunch of torture devices,You name it,Noose,Acid bath,Maces,Saws,Those kind. I was creeped out,There was a table that I decided to get on,I got on the table and my character was on the table,Struggling to get out,Then,There was someone in the shadow that I didn't see,But had a mask and A Green Dixmor Suit,I typed in,This was the conversation.

xIzeck:Hey broski! Mind telling me what is all this?

Stranger:You know what I want...

xIzeck:And exactly what is it...?

Stranger:Your Head.

xIzeck:Why have my head? You got to be out of your mind!

Stranger:I'll let you try to struggle and escape for freedom while I'll get my special tool. :)

xIzeck:Please don't leave me here Idiot! I must know why you must need my head!

Stranger:Just stay put buddy! :)

My character had an animation of him struggling and trying to get off the table,But it seemed to fail. I was already getting scared,What would I do? What am I going to do? How am I going to do this? I never knew how to escape the basement,Then,I got to go in First-Person and I looked up,There was a key dangling on a rope,Then,When I exactly saw it,I got a tool saying "Unanchor Key" I immediately clicked on the key and it fell,Causing me to release,Then,I hear swinging and slashing,It was the stranger! My character's faced turn from Winky to Nervous. The stranger said "What have you done?! Since you got out! I have no choice but to Cut your head off! I was scared and stood there for a second...I really never knew what to do....Then,I was close to the flight of stairs...I had an Idea.

ChApTeR 3:The Escape

Basically there was a saw on his hand. Out of nowhere,I got a "Shift to Sprint" tool.I used and ran away climbing up the flight of stairs to the roof. I heard steps and the running saw coming towards me,The stranger seemd getting close and farther away at the moment. I went up to the roof,Basically looking down where my Character was about to die,The stranger stood there. "You shouldn't escaped while I had the chance! Now,It's your choice,Jump off the Roof or Die!" "Never! Those choices were poorly made!" I said. Then The Stranger had no choice but to run to me.Then I had an Idea when he was running towards me,I quickly ran away to him,Causing him to fall off the building,But got a chance to cut my character's arm,My character was slowly losing health when I saw him losing blood out of his arm,Then,He collapsed. I heard heavy breathing while my character was whining,Then,For a brief moment,He stopped breathing,Looking up in the sky and laid down. Causing him to die after losing so much blood,The blood wasn't hyperrealistic but it was those free modeled blood particles.I felt bad for my Character.Then,A Pop-up showed My Character's Head and the other heads saying "Thank you for requesting..." when it faded to black,My game shut down,Basically it was weird when I gotten through all that trouble,Worst 120 Robux I ever spent on. Anyways,I couldn't sleep till 11 PM because of the game,Causing me to look everywhere whenever I go out. I have a strange feeling that something is watching me...Trying to get a hold of me...


Woohoo! I finished my second creepypasta! Mostly the game I enter didn't exist,But I'll try to make the places of it to experience the Horror yourself! I love making these kind of stories and I enjoy yours! I hope that this website will get noticed more by ATR,OT,and RT. Also,Whenever there is a sign saying "MORE CONTENT COMING SOON" Means that I have school or I got grounded. :P but anyways,I love you if you read it and I hope you have an Epic day,my Broskis!


Shadow picture