Many users stumbled across the game called "the maiden" in Japanese.

Made in 5/15/2016 the game is black and white, in a Japanese looking style. There is a strange sound playing and you can't zoom out. On the corner of your screen you can see texts of Morse code appear and disappear. One of the texts saying "Do not look for her". Players claim to "feel strange" while playing and if an [x] amount of time is spent waiting, you will see "her". No evidence yet has been shown of "her" but the few players describe her as a strange looking maiden with skinny long pale arms in a black dress. Her arms move side to side with her torso. If someone decides to spend [x] amount of time waiting to see "her" caution is advised. Psychological effects are said to follow. A video by [-----------] has been taken showing one of the bizarre occurrences. If she talks to you it is said that it's a sign of the hearer's passing approaching. She is most likely to appear in an empty room with nothing but a light, focused in the center, or the mirror reflection in the hallway, although people speculate that the bath room might be a common place of strange activity.



Although the noose gives clues to something concerning suicide nothing at the moment can be put together.