In 2010, a kid and his friend wanted to play a trick on his little brother. So together they built a Black Room that was inescapable once inside. They told the little brother to "Wait here" we'll be back. After 2 hours, they came back, he was in the same place, they thought this was funny and asked him to stay longer. So they came back 7 hours later, he was still there. 9 hours later, they came back again to get him and tell him to come to dinner, and the little brother was gone, though the screen of the Black Room was still there, and his player was still speaking through chat. "Where are you guys?", "I'm so lonely", "Please help". After seeing this, they looked around to see if they we're being pranked. Though, they learned they weren't the hard way, after he was reported missing, and police closed the case, unable to find him after weeks of search. Now, occasionally, it's said that the if the player jumps of the map of a random game, they will land in a Black area, with a Black door, leading... to the Black room, after walking the halls, the player will see a black, un-textured version of the kids character. He will repeatedly say these words, though they do not show up on chat... "I'm so lonely."

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