"The haxor" is a hacker group that will hack any Roblox game for the purpose of acquiring real money. However, these are not just any regular hackers. Whatever they hack into the game then becomes a glitch on all of the affected players' installed games if they are playing on a computer. Otherwise, if the player is on iPad, the player should probably deserve to have his or her identity stolen and games to be haunted. If he/she buys a new iPad (or iPhone), then they are an idiot and shouldn't be allowed access to large sums of any currency. If they buy anything with in app purchases they're the reason gaming is dying. Here are some of the suspected members' names:





08draven (under suspicion)

pasquinade (under suspicion)

theamazeman (under suspicion)

mura12 (under suspicion)

Most of these names are guaranteed suspects. However, those listed with (under suspicion) are currently under investigation and may or may not be related to the organization. Please spread around the message and help save Roblox from the deadly hacker group, "he haxor

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