The original:

Ok guys. Today, I saw something real. It was a guest head moving on the ground with no name, the name did not even appear on the leader board. It was terrifying, now it haunts me.

What Bill Cipher Laughs made:

There was something wrong with playing Natural Disaster Survival, something felt missing. I just ignored it. There were a lot of guests (Like there are in Natural Disaster Survival), but only one stood out; Guest ----.

The year was 1999. Yes, there was ROBLOX then. I was one of the only people who played it. Those who Did play it back then had their memories wiped of it.

I kept on playing, after a while, the game started to get a little creepier with every minute. Again, I just ignored it.

After about an hour of playing on that server, the sky was now deep red, and almost all the players names were converted to things like "ILoveSatan," and "IWillKillGod." There usually wasn't music in Natural Disaster Survival, but there was now, it was eerie, as if there were screams from every player. Every once and a while, the sound would whisper, "Guest."

Everyone had left, but Guest ---- still stood there, his body deteriorating with every 10 seconds; until only the head was left.

His head slowly walked up to me, I was super scared, I was cornered by the guest, his eyes were black with red pupils, he was only a head!-

He said something.

"Ev-VvVdc-dd-dd-dd-d-yone whoooo--0ooodd0000 buu8rt585858jllyassedddd a guest44 sha888alll dd88d8die....r.r.r...>>>," He typed into chat. The way he typed into chat creeped me out even more.

I had to leave, I had to get out, the game when full screen, my computer went into lockdown mode, the malware warning popped up, the virus detected warning popped up, a kitten playing with a ball of yarn popped up! Actually, that wasn't so bad, but- The guest got out a knife! The game was glitching! The Screams were louder than ever! The Guest's eyes were more blood red then ever! Blood was coming out of his eyes!

As the Guest held on to the knife with his mouth, he said one thing;

"Your next."

Everything was going weird! Everything was glitching! Everything was shaking! Virus and malware viruses were popping up everywhere! Ads to cat videos were popping up everywhere!

When everything seemed like it couldn't get any worse, everything went black.

"What the hell?...." I asked myself in real life, "I need to destroy my computer, its going nuts!"

After about 6 minutes, I found a toy "Fix-it Felix" Hammer. "This better work, lets hope it doesn't make it fixed." I thought to myself.

I smashed it.

'Ding!' went the computer. It looked completely new! I opened it back up. There were no malware warnings, no virus warnings, no ads to cat videos, no Guest ----, no lockdown mode, but no ROBLOX. I couldn't even look it up; it would bring me to the "This sight is for sale" site. I thought a lot of people would be sad that ROBLOX was gone, so I bought it.

After a long 17 years, I rebuilt it. Although, it was shown to public in 2006; when it was finally playable again.

My name is David; and I am the creator; the second creator.