hi it's koopa again I know there's alot of games on roblox that has the name DON'T PLAY which most of those games that have the name so the game can scare people but the DON'T PLAY game that I've play was really scary here's my experience on the game I was on the roblox games page looking for new game until i found the DON'T PLAY game that I mentioned earlier when I played it my computer started corrupting when it stopped I was playing the game it was all black I couldn't see anything not even my robloxian and the only gear I had was a knife I didn't know what it was used for and then I saw a robloxian in the middle no it wasn't the robloxian with no name Instead this robloxian had a name called thefungame yes it was the creator of this DON'T PLAY game I don't have a picture of thefungame because the second I saw him my computer crashed

when I restarted my computer I saw thefungame on my home screen and my background was a message

this is what the message said: YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE PLAYED MY GAME NOW I WILL HAUNT YOUR COMPUTER FOREVER: I ended up destroying my computer and buying another one remember never go on DON'T PLAY games because it might take over your computer see ya later everyone

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