There is a strange user which has no face, no one knows why. The username is Thepurpleman25. He has a purple torso and black head and limbs.

But what's the creepy thing about this ? There's a rumour that if you see his face, you'll become his next victim. His place is totally strange. It has a picture which is seen when an image is content deleted. His place is also friends-only.

The legend also says that if you dare to message him, he will become hostile to you and he will haunt you. A few people tried that and are victims of him.

He can haunt you, follow you everywhere and he can ruin your gameplay experience. A single user was ever able to defeat him, but the user is unknown.

Also on his profile you can see [ Content Deleted ] for a strange reason, again, no one knows why.

So Don't Message him or You'll be the Next....

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