Hi guys as you never knew there was a king of creepypastas if you ever seen a black figure with a shaded name except for number five. Heres my theory the black figure had five letters on his name but i cracked it his name is lua 50. A few days after we cracked it he messaged me he said your soul is mine then he said the next day your one of us then my character turned into lua 50 then is saw something in youtube i saw how to defeat them because theres alot of friends,default and lua 50 so about the video it showed me to build a shrine when you dont finish on time you die in real life. So i built the shrine while they were there then when i was finished i killed them and a bottle appeared behind me. I climbed the gate and put the bottle on the road and got hit. thats how it happend and now when you kill that all creepypastas are dead Now were safe.

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