There was rumor's about this hat that got deleted it was the test beta hat of the doge hat Not scary right???...

Well i goed to the hat it was called egod i was wondering what egod ment its doge backwords.. i looked in the comments every one in the comments were just black I don't know how to say..well never mind that

well there was a popular game called egod too but HOW WAS IT POPULAR IT HAD 0 PLAYERS IN IT AT THE FRONT PAGE! i was thinking it was a bug/glitch with the front page..

I go into It and it's just town of robloxia then i wandered around then someone joined called egod.21312JPG

he had 1 of the man package face eyes and one of the classic noob face eye then he left and i left of frightness.. and all the games on the page said egod.21312JPG and all of the player profiles said the same! i was frightend and i refreshed the page and...nothing was there just a white screen with the name egod.21312JPG my computer stopped working and i stopped playing til one year i got back on the screen of roblox just got worse i goed into a game everyone looked like egod.. so i bought a other computer and i never played roblox again..The end.

Heres his/her's acount