The maker of starboyred666 and player 666 brings you The death of me chapter one game one.  Hello my roblox username is olimstarboy but you can call me olimrocks. It started last year and I logged on to roblox and I got a new message (that hardly happens) and I saw that a player called Yourdeath101 messaged me at first I thought it was fake because its in roblox creepypastas and its very cliché I just thought it was a dumb hacker trying to scare but soon I will realise it wasn't at all a dumb hacker. I responded saying... I know you are a dumb hacker just admit it before I report you to the roblox admins. Almost straight away he said. You made a BIG MISTAKE. Despite him saying that I clicked report abuse. When I clicked report abuse my page 404'd I kept clicking it until google chrome crashed. After that I just went to bed and assumed it was a random dude as I went to sleep.... Next day I went back on roblox and my account was deleted for 5 days absolute nonsense. End of chapter one. Note sorry if this was too short if it was I will try to make the other chapters longer peace out.

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