Hey guys and gals this is my first creepypasta and sorry if I have bad grammar (I am Turkish)

So it was a nice sunny day and I decided to play roblox, I wanted to play with one of my friends and I finalliy chossed aiden2215 and I started to chat with him;

Killerkingsking (me):Hi


Me:I am bored wanna play a game?

aiden2215:sure I found a game called Meet The Evil thumbnail looks creepy. after that he sent me a picture



aiden2215:spooky isnt it? I think I not gonna be able to sleep today

Me:me neither

aiden2215:alright lets go. and he sends me the link (this is a fake creepypasta so there is no link)

so when we pressed play there was a ababoned looking house we entered it we were expecting blood but there was no blood after that someone named livE said say goodbye to your friend and he took aiden to a dark blackhole he and aiden left the game at the same time I left too and saw aiden was still online I started to chat again

Me:dude are you okay?

aiden2215:why did you not save me...

Me:friends do mistakes you forgive me?

aiden2215:friend? I am not your friend anymore I am livE2 now.... forever..... and ever

Me:........ then I close the chat

after that 4 of my friends messages me hey I found a spooky game calle Meet The Evil wanna play?

then I realize my friends were livE3,4,5... all this time when they started to send me scary things and now I am on my room........ smiling.............. and waiting for you to come..................... :)................................ sorry guys I know its really bad and I was really lazy to use grammar but its my first creepypasta so show some respect we all know that everybody cant be a good creepypasta writer.

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