One day, I logged onto ROBLOX as usual. At the time, I had BC and a few limiteds. But I noticed something in my inbox. I checked it, and it turned out to be a trade request. I decided to check the trade, the player wanted my Yellow Starface and Charles Babbage Fabergé Egg For a Sparkle time fedora. I didn't think that much of it, but I took the deal. That was when weird things started happening.

The next day, I logged onto my ROBLOX account and noticed something different; all my hats were gone, except for that sparkle time fedora i got from my trade. My character was white wearing the fedora. I was confused, but I didn't care. Then I decided to play a game. First I Went onto Work at a pizza place. And when I Joined, the entire map was covered with a white fog. Then players in the chat started saying stuff like "THERES A HACKER!!" and "WHO IS HACKING?!" And that's when I realized that the server got hacked when I joined. So I left the game and joined a new server. The same thing happened again.

I was losing all my hope. My friend then joined and messaged me in the chat. This was the conversation:

(Friend): Hey, what's up

(Me): Oh hi

(Friend): Why do you look like that?

(Me): I don't know, I think my game got hacked

(Friend): What?! Are you crazy?

(Me): Yes, that's why I look like that

(Friend): Oh, anything else:

(Me): Every time I join a game, It apparently gets hacked

(Friend): Oh... OK

And that was the end.

I decided to check for my trade, but I couldn't find it anywhere in my inbox. Its like it vanished, Mysteriously. So after all that, I had no choice but to make a new account. And that very next day, I made a new account. Now after that, I've recovered from that and I got a well good account again, with BC and stuff. But I do sometimes get PMs saying "it will return" and "you will regret that." But if there's one thing for sure, it's that I will ALWAYS regret that very trade I did.