WeirdThis isn't your ordinary video game Creepypasta, no there's no blood. No there's no flea markets or any hacks, Nothing. This actually happened, I was too blind to see the signs.

Imformation, Documentary.

I always been a fan of Roblox, a game opened in 2006. However, the first opened Beta had a few errors in the system. These were fixed immediately, but one glitch stayed. Due to this glitch the Roblox admins had to erase every user back then. The glitch possessed a certain user, "Noob." Some of you may laugh at the name being Noob. However, names can deceive their personalities a lot of the time. If you've ever been to the Roblox Forums I'm sure some of you have encountered the post back then.

"Telamon: 11/8/6"

"Hello everyone. It has come to The Roblox Corporations concern that a certain glitch is around. Please stay calm and we will try to find the glitch as soon as possible. The glitch is possessing one of the community users. Obviously the glitch cannot talk but inform us if you've spotted it inside a user. - Yours dearly, Telamon."

Other users posted quickly, the thread got so popular that is was soon locked and deleted. One of the posts described how he found the user. Noob was soon banned, but the glitched stayed to Dog. Again, names can deceive so don't take this information the wrong way. No one knew about the glitch until 2011. The supposed "Drama Years." Mega users started quitting and idiots started to evolve, old users were deleted so the community could get "smaller" so that it wasn't too filled. They discovered Dog while he was playing a game, he was oddly glitching across the room with oozing black eyes. Animated decals I would call them. Shedletsky banned the user immediately for "hacking in game." And that's everything. But a certain user sighted Dog in the server.



Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, it's me again. I'm back from my 3 week ban for exploiting. Haha, anyway who knows Dog? The name is stupid but yeah I met him. Oh god he was horrible. First off, some of you might not know me. My name came from a Greek work. Read my description to learn more.

I recently found a game on Roblox.

"The Title"

The goal of the game was to slide down a massive hill with the Roblox logo hovering over everything. Quite detailed building I must say, the grass had somewhat an effective look on it that really stunned me for a game. The hill was massive, I played through different slides. Throughout my experiences through the slides I encountered a slide called "The Slide Of Death" I don't know if he was failing an attempt at being scary or something but all I can say it. It was horrible, it was just a long clean side that didn't have any bumps. But then I got struck with a figure racing up the slide.


Dog: Hi! Sedematic: Oh you startled me. Dog. Sedematic: *giggles* than keeps sliding. Dog: What was that? Sedematic: What was what? Dog: That scream.

I paused for a minute. I didn't really notice there was a scream since my mic was on mute. I turned up my speak a little to hear a little quiet scream. I recoiled from the noise thinking it was from behind.

Dog: That scream. Dog: You should've hadhadhadhadhadhad your sssspeaker muuttedededededed. Sedematic: What was that? That typing. Repeat much? Dog: 66.. Sedematic: Wait what? Dog: 6. Sedematic: Oh god. Your talking the the devil? Insane much? Dog: 666! SIX SIX SIIXXX. . . . . . . X . . . . . . . X Sedematic: You make no sense at all. Dog: Grrlbb.

Then it happened. His body just went crazy, his parts unanchored and his face was replaced with a decal of animated oozing eyes. I stared at the screen in confusion, was this guy trolling me? I don't know. He was insane. I left the game instantly reporting him to the admins for violating the terms. I described the whole thing, eventually he was banned. That was insane. I never wanted to see those oozing eyes again. None of that really scared me that much, except for the mage I found in my files.

[uploading image soon to come.]