I logged into my ROBLOX account as usual. I'd check the Front Page, but something was.. Unusual about the Popular page. There was a game called "The Stalker". It.. Had a disturbing description. It said "StrongAwesomeEnzo2, your the next victim." The comment section was filled with people chanting my full name and hoping I would be banned. As the idiotic person i was at the time, i clicked the play button. The game loaded up as usual, but i was the only one playing. the game was odd as it was just a dark, empty room. But, the room.. I felt like I wasn't alone.. A person joined called The Stalker. I checked his account to see his age and it was only a few months old. This... Can't be right because ROBLOX doesn't allow spaces in peoples new usernames now. I waited for him to chat and then, after waiting for 10 minutes, he finally typed something. It said "YOU SHOULDNT BE PLAYING THIS GAME. IF YOU CONTINUE PLAYING, YOU WILL EXPERIENCE A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF HORROR.. PLEASE, LEAVE NOW. ITS YOUR ONLY CHANCE..." I continued playing out of curiosity see just what this "new level of horror was", being the idiotic person I was. A creature summoned out of completly nowhere and looked away. After a few seconds he looked back to me and ran at me, the was a run feature and I used it, the dark room was infinite in size.. It felt like I could run forever. The creature eventually got me and killed my robloxian avatar in the worst way possible. After that I was kicked out of the game. I checked to see my avatar, but it wasn't there. I checked my imbox saying that my account had been perma banned. The last thing I saw was the creature, who was actually Martin Cult himself, had killed my avatar.. PLEASE, IF YOU SEE A GAME NAMED THE STALKER ON THE POPULAR PAGE, DO NOT, EVER PLAY THE GAME.. YOU WILL EXPERIENCE COMPLETE HORROR..