The Start

There are many boring games in ROBLOX, but when I saw this game called "The Mad Paintball", I was excited since there was another game made by loleris. When I joined, a guy named "LEAVEROBLOX" of course, that name was stupid. But then the weird guy started talking, here is our little talk.

LEAVEROBLOX: Leave Roblox, now.

Me: F*ck no.


Me: Go to an asylum, you little kid, you think you can troll me? Well I don't think so, idiot.


Well THAT was the creepiest thing I have EVER saw in my LIFE. Since LEAVEROBLOX left, I was all alone, in the server...


Remember LEAVEROBLOX? Well, I met him in my game called "Just A Baseplate" but this was creepier than before, because when I joined my game. I saw LEAVEROBLOX he changed my game, into a demonic place. Here is our talk.

Me: What The Hell?!?!

LEAVEROBLOX: Mwahahah. I told you to leave ROBLOX..

Me: No, you leave ROBLOX!!

LEAVEROBLOX: Nice try, but you can't make me leave ROBLOX..

Me: Oh yeah? TASTE MY SHUTDOWN SKILLS! *tries to shutdown*

LEAVEROBLOX: You can't leave now..

I decided a way to end this. I tried to kick him, but it wouldn't work. Suddenly, I heard a scream upstairs in my room. I got my flashlight and went to my room, horrified to see that there were pictures of me suffering... I went downstairs and saw.. LEAVEROBLOX... HE'S GOT ME!