Before You Read

This is a continuation to my troll-pasta (aka fakepasta) "You.....betrayer." So enjoy! Like previously, all hate is accepted because i'm not active in this wikia. And like again, there may be cliches.

It Continues...

It's been weeks since YBE stalked me. I'm too scared to go on ROBLOX now, but i'm determined to go check my ROBLOX. Luckily, I got a 3 day ban so I don't have to contact with YBE anymore, so I decided to go to my alternate account "Dagumi" instead.

I asked my friend DavidSpeedPro if he wanted to tune some cars with me (yes I'm a tuner) and he accepted. So we went to a team create place and drift tuned some cars. Then someone with the 444EBY joined. I knew it was backwards of "YBE444" so I decided to have a smol conversation with David. (I pretend to act like I never knew YBE)

Me: whos dat

David: idk lets keep tuning our cars

YBE: ghwhwvwhwwwbw we9rb27ry2wb ghg v bfbw

David: stfu

YBE: On, I lliw ton tuhs pu.

David: you know whos that guy?

Me: idk too...

*Then I reveal to David that he was a person which stalked me weeks ago*

David: rly

Me: ye

YBE: LeeAVveEe NnoooWWww

David: i think we should

Me: i'm scared now lets go to the DR traack

Then we got to the track. We both have admin so we can be ready to ban YBE from the game at any time. He joined and I said :ban EBY but he won't leave. David also used that, he still won't and says "YoU WilLL reGGGReeetT whatTt you DIiiiD" and then successfully gets banned from the gamed. But somehow another guy joined. It was RMB1334. He looked exactly like Outrun, my 3 day banned main account. David said "howd he use :char me Outrun1986 when he instantly join the game". I said "idk" then we asked the entity several questions. It was quiet like a broken robot. After 25 boring minutes, it finally left because of the idle kicking system. David then played a NASCAR Talladega track, and I still am investigating this one question... Who is YBE?

The Truth of YBE

After several tiring hours of researching, I finally found YBE was my long, lost friend, Exploite2. He was so nice to me when I first joined in my main account, and we played many games together until he became fully inactive. No, he wasn't banned or something, just inactive. Then after several weeks of stalking my ROBLOX life, the Exploite2/YBE444/444EBY/RMB1334 got terminated because of "Don't stalk players on ROBLOX! That's not fun!" I actually have never heard of this mod note, but okay. I never had to deal with him again.

File End....or did it?

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