Hello, my name on ROBLOX is Mikos344WasHacked. I got hacked as well. So, here is the story.

Chapter 1 - The Meeting

So, I was searching for games on ROBLOX. Then I saw one called "TheRedTeam.exeLEAVENOW". It had 0 favorites and no visits. I decide to explore. The place had just an black baseplate and black walls with an black ceiling. Then a user called ERROR123 joined. I realized that IS the creator! I ran away, and he used admin to speed himself to 50. He was running towards me. My game shut down.

Chapter 2 - The Lost Connections

I got paralyzed after that experience. I tried to play Theme Park Tycoon 2 Beta.

Game: You have lost connection to the game.

I was very scared. I wanted to try again.

Game: You have lost connection to the game.

I knew something wasn't right. Then, my screen flashed with an text label.


I shouldn't have played that game. So, I watched youtube.

ChAppTeeeRR LOST - LeeAvEee


Chapter 4 - ???

I didn't know what happened last time. I don't remember writing this. I didn't even write that. Anyways, I tried to play Theme Park Tycoon 2 again. It worked, but the place was all black. Everything was on fire. ERROR123 was here. He said:

ERROR123: fF-opfdaldfewaod0sgi-0FDPfdlLp[


I then entered a fight with ERROR123



I then hacked myself a sword using an exploit and then killed him.

Every program on my computer closed, and it shut down my computer.

I turned it back on but the windows logo was red.

Then it turned back to blue.

My computer problems were fixed.

I got on roblox.

I played Theme Park Tycoon 2, and everything was normal.

Thanks for....... READING! :D

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