Read Before Reading!

This pasta is 100% fake. I have used my awful imagination to make this, so yeah. If you wanna read something you might not like, go ahead! ;D

Not to brag, but this Creepypasta is the 600th page on this Wiki!

I'm making a sequel to it: Return to the Red House of Horrors

The Pasta

'The Red House' is a weird house I dicovered in a map of ROBLOX in the game (repeat!). While playing with my friends, I was exited out - it seemed like a minor glitch. ROBLOX evovles ALL the time, so being exited out of a map was just plain normal. When I joined back in, I was a Guest. This made NO sense, as it never said a warning about not logging in or choosing as a Guest.

I had learned I had been logged out. Again, if you leave ROBLOX away for too long, it logs you out. Still weird, but still kinda normal. I logged in to play again. My friends had moved to another map that I had never heard of. Apparently, one of my friends had been dared to do a trick in the map that took you to a scary house. We all knew he was gonna do it, as it was only a game. I went with him just in case he saw anything too crazy to believe, and the rest of us were too scared.

However, ROBLOX can be a very scary game, so I took caution for weird stuff and jumpscares. The map seemed pretty calm, even with the rumors people had spread. Once we preformed the trick, a pop-up appeared on my screen. It read "an error has occured. please reset game". We knew this pop-up HAD to be fake. We clicked out, and BOOM! Nothing weird had happened, other than being in a slightly different house than last time. We looked around. We were the only remaining people on the server. I suggested that one of us leaves to find anything about where they were. Of course, I had to be the one to do it. On the friends tab, it said they were in the same game as we were. I joined back and they were there. I told them to do what we had done to start the thing up. And so they did.

The Red House Look 1

The origianal look

When we all got there, we all found the place to have a constant reminder of red , despite the pure black area. We tried to forget that it being red could be a sign if something terrible. Again, the error popped up again - this time taking 5 seconds before we could click out. We were not very concerned about anything bad. One of our group of 4 (our usernames being "Ghastmaster3490", "BlazedandCrazed", "XPlayer337", and "SarahCoolestOne") had to go on a dinner with some friends, so the three of us were left to explore. We found a deeper red house, that stood out. Me, XPlayer, and SarahCoolest did a debate on who went in. Sarah elected herself, as she did dare XPlayer to do it. She also wanted to prove her bravery.

She walked in, and we all got a pop-up saying, "Stay away from my precious house". We all knew it was fake, as Pop-Upsa have NOTHING to do with ROBLOX. After that, she went in, and she claimed to have seen weird messges and creepy images. Me and XPlayer joined her in her second journey inside. She showed us in the room, and we recongnised the "Smile.JPG" image and others, famous for being creepy. The messages started as "This game is fun!", and taking tark and disgusting turns like "Your gross face makes me giggle. What's behind that mask of skin?".They made us all grossed out. We explored the house from every inch-all except for the two most frightening places - the attic and the basement.

We had no idea who should go first -Me, XPlayer, or SarahCoolestOne. X had to go; he had to do some project with a friend (when I say friend outside of ROBLOX, I meant a non-gaming friend). That left me and Sarah in the game. I suggested the attic first as the horror levels would be less. We walked up into the attic. The place looked dusty, and I saw the picture of the Smile Dog again. LOTS of creepy things were stored in there, but nothing too interesting. The way down was pretty creepy, though. Lots of papers and hidden messages said "Please leave!". We had no idea what it meant. Just when we walked down from the basement, our players froze, and the game crashed.

When we got back in, the game seemed to be ready for us, spawning us in the house, without us having to do any tricks. The basement was filled with strange dates and weird references to previous rooms. That was all normal until we saw a Guest was on the server. The Guest was faced inside from a window in the attic. He only once once spoke in the chat. He said "This house is under construction...". 5 minutes after that, we all got kicked out of the map and we never joined again.

I don't expect you to enjoy this, but I certainly made yeah.......that is all I could think of to say....