I blinked. The blinding light of my lamp burning my retinas, I quietly sighed.

Another day, another story.

It was simple - write a good story, it is very simple, right? Well, not exactly. I clicked my pen, hoping to god I could write something.

That's when it clicked.

I knew all I had to do was play a game, or play something. Get some... Ideas. I looked through my steam games.

"Unturned, Trove, Emily Is Away..." I sighed. None of those games would give me any idea for a story even around decent. So, I decided to go on ROBLOX. I didn't expect to get much from it, but I was bored and needed something to do. Why not satisfy both of my cravings?

But, that's not what I really got in the end. All I got was a story that will send a chill down your spine, but not a story I wanted. Lets say your a... Writer. You would not want to write a cliche story, right? But, that's not what I have in store for you, the reader, I have a very, very disgusting and terrifying experience.

ROBLOX is a kids game, it always has been. For kids thirteen and under. Unless you count the gore fest games, etc. If your a normal player of the game, you'll understand. Instantly as I logged onto my account, I saw a smiling, grey character with messy brown hair. His dumb smile made me chuckle a bit, actually.

A screenshot of the main screen:

Screenshot (7)

I had only heard of this site once. My friend told me the game was amazing. But, I simply did not agree. I saw I had two messages, I clicked on the menu seeing two messages. One saying "The simple rules of ROBLOX, getting started!" and "Welcome to ROBLOX". I pressed my home button. Back on the main screen, I saw a button. "Games" and right in front of my eye was "Play Games". I pressed "Games". I saw one single game that confused me.

The game:

Screenshot (8)

There was one game that caught my eye. "The Red" was its title. Every other game was there, with players booming on them. But "The Red" had zero players. It had likes and dislikes but no players. I clicked on it, and pressed play.

In - game screenshot:

RobloxScreenShot02252016 154356565

I instantly saw red fog incoming, I quickly started walking. I had two items in my inventory, but that - that didn't matter. What did is that I kept walking. As I walked I noticed more hanging skeletons and dying, rotting trees. Small puddles of thick dry blood were visible as I looked around. This wasn't right, this wasn't normal. I instantly thought to just shut the game off, report it and let the mods deal with it. But I didn't, because I wanted a story. The red fog reached me, and my character made the death sound a fell into pieces. The game buzzed a lagged, until it shut down. I leaned back in my chair as it creaked, confused and scared, I stared at the main menu. I slowly got up, sighing. I got a can of sprite, cracking it open and gulping it down. I slammed the can on the kitchen counter, wiping the liquid off my mouth. I walked over to my computer desk, dropping down in my chair and yawning. I ended up reporting the game. I smiled, knowing I saved some kids childhood. But, that's not the idea this game had. The game started up without my interaction. This time, a player was visible. I couldn't even get a screen cap, nor could I even move. The players character was completely black, he held a large sword. I walked up towards me, and slashed at me. Instead of breaking into pieces the character fell over, and blood slowly pooled. It looked low - res, basically it looked like pools of thick blood I saw in the beginning.

This doesn't make any sense, it doesn't. at all. My character respawned and the player walked closer. He was a guest, it appeared. But the ROBLOX logo was black, still having the white words, just the outline was black. It didn't blend in with the shirt, exactly. He said:

"Hello, player, having fun?"

I sat in awe. I pressed the power on my computer. No such luck. I shut it. I breathed heavily.

I heard five soft words behind me.

"I hope god forgives you."

Let me say one last thing before I go. I'm not human anymore. I'm just a hollow shell. So, don't call help. By then I'll already be dead. The longer I cry the more pale my hands become.

The Red will get you...