So it was just my average day on roblox. I played some games and checked out the catalog. But then I decided to play some Darkened Dawn ( So I got in and spawned in the town. I walked past some houses to see if anyone of them were for sale but then I see one where the inside is completely dark. Now there is a thing outside of the house where you will see who owns it and this persons name was “The Raven is watching you…” Then some dude wearing the item “A dark omen” ( comes out and stares at me. Now when I joined in there were tons of people on the server but now it was only me and him. Then he pulls out this humongous scythe that's on fire and is covered in blood. Then he runs at me and attacks me with the scythe I die in one hit but instead of falling into pieces I get cut in half. Then my game crashed. I got back on roblox and my background was the dark omen mask but with glowing red eyes staring at me I then changed my background back to normal. I went into roblox high school but it redirected me to a game called “The Raven will see you…” That said I made but I never remember making it. So I went into this game and it is just the flat terrain template then the raven appears he pulls out his scythe again and cuts off my head. I respawn and he keeps killing me and killing me and killing me. Then after like the 100th time of him killing me I get a sword called “Use Wisely” so I equipped this sword and went at him with it. When I reached him I clicked to attack and my character stabbed him. I then quit the game, when I went to go look at his character page I couldn't find it. It was as if their account never existed.