Series of hacks in 2010. This is a true story.

January 1, 2010

It was the holiday. I decided to start up ROBLOX. I found a game called Work at the Pizza Place. I thought it was cool, i played it. It was normal, i liked the game. After 15 minutes of playing, a player called Turnaround joined. He had looked like a normal newbie. After 1 minute he joined, everybody left. Only i and him remained. I updated the page, the comment box was filled with some like this: Do not go here or you gonna die, If you go here you will be haunted. I thought it was a prank. Turnaround said: Hello. I replied: Hello. He answered: What are you doing here?. I replied: Playing. He replied: Why are you playing?. I replied: Boredom. He replied: Elliot, 4OU G0NN@ S!FFER. I was shocked, Elliot was my name in real life. I left the game. His status was: G3T 0UT. I joined back, everybody was back. When i delivered a pizza to a house, a NPC named ELLIOTISDEAD walked behind me and stole my pizza. He replied: WHY DID YOU GO HERE?? HE TOLD YOU NOT TO COME BACK. It was a late time and i got to bed.

January 2, 2010

When i started up ROBLOX, a announcement in red appeared: Elliot will be dead shortly, once he is dead, our servers will be shut down for maintenance shortly. When i updated the page, the text changed to: We are currently experiencing ##########TOILLEDEAD. I updated it again: The text changed to: S0RRY AB0UT TH@T, WE JUST HAD A BLACKOUT. The annoucement disappeared. I played a game called Lumber Tycoon. I played it about for 20 minutes. Then the game shutdown. I rejoined, only me had been on the list. The game shutdown again. The place was closed and the creator was offline. Lastly he was online January 1, 2009. Strange. I got to bed.

January 3, 2010

When i started up ROBLOX, a annoucement in red appeared: Celebrate! Go to our brand new place to meet us and have fun. There was a link to the place. I played it. Everybody was online. I caught someone bullying a player and told a admin. He banned the bully. Suddenly everyone expect me left. Turnaround joined. He came to me. He said: I have killed them right now. Then the game shutdown. I suddenly fell asleep.

January 4, 2010

When i started up ROBLOX, i got a message from Turnaround. The message is: Your next. I was scared a little bit. I played a game called Storm Chasers. The game redirected me to Turnaround's place. It was a place just like Minish's, after 10 seconds the game turned pitch black and shutdown. A man with mask put a bag over my head. ELLIOT IS DEAD.

Rate 10/10 if you liked this. This is based on 2012 April Fools and random creepypasta.

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