I really can't believe I haven't written here since 2014! It's been so long! So here's a new story I came up with, all original.


I saw that my friend was having a birthday party for her friend. I decided to join, and I saw that they were still building. We started Skyping, and my mic wouldn't work... I realized it was because of Windows 10, so I downgraded.

It took about 20 minutes until I came back to the game. For some reason, everything was pitch black and crazy. I was freaked out, and when I tried to rejoin, it said on my game, "You cannot leave. This is a party, and you will attend it."

So, I went to the building where the party was going on, and.. it was CRAZY. My friends were being chased by someone with a knife, yet not a regular person... This person looked.. demented. It's limbs were shaped oddly, and the face was twisted with a face of murder. They killed one of my friends.. yet when she got killed.. it wasn't just death.. She got STABBED in the heart, horrifying animation, then gets banned from the game, which is IMPOSSIBLE, because she IS the owner of the game, so I was crazy confused.

I tried to leave, yet the same message appeared, yet bigger.

He killed me.

I got stabbed by the horrifying animation, got a jumpscare, and got banned. Yet when I got to the ROBLOX website, it was pitch black. All the games were demented, and had crazy names. I saw that the friend that got killed first wasn't online. Now, I saw a face from a picture of a game that got out of the thumbnail, and into the website. It pressed the "Log Out" button. My computer completely booted down.. and I looked in the mirror to see my friend.

He was behind me.


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