Sometimes Things Happen

Hello. I am not telling you my roblox username, I don't want him to know I made this.

I was playing BC Hangout & Donation Center by desivy. Soon I had to leave the game. I was about to log out until I saw a game. It was called Come Make Friends, and there was a picture of a 6 robloxians. But in the backround I saw 2 red, glowing eyes. I decided to play it. There was a picture of the six robloxians around me. I couldn't get out of the hexagon. I tried to leave the game. The sky turned red. Then someone joined. Their username was Friendship666. It was a weird username. Then a picture of me came up, and I left. I went to see when the game was made. It was new. Then I noticed there were seven people now. One of them looked like my robloxian. I logged off of roblox, and then turned off my computer. When I turned it back on, there was a picture of the seven people and me, but this time, mine looked exactly like me, sitting at my computer. I was about to log off, since I had no idea what was happening. And then I noticed that when my hand moved, the hand on the computer moved. And then I heard my front door open, and I went to check what happened. My door was still closed, and since I never heard it close, I went back to my computer. My computer was off, but there was something in the middle of the screen. Red, glowing eyes.