Oh man what a night! I said to myself.Hmm what should I do? *thinking* I guess I play roblox.I wish I didn't said that here's the experince:

I opened up roblox and decided to play phantom forces, it was my first time so people called me a noob but I didn't care and I saw a player his name was unkown I said how the hell is that a name? To myself. He started to talk to me:

He: Hi

Me: Hello

Me: Why didn't you attack me?

He: I don't like violence

Me: Well, you are in the wrong game

He: You are not my parent or boss

Me: I guess I'll leave you alone

He: Yeah go! Just like the others

The others? Looks like I was not the only one talked to him

He: Oh wait I forgot. He said with a evil voice and stabed my charachter

And then I spawned again I got the place to look but there was just a noob there trying to be friendly, I killed him and searched for unkown and luckly I found him! He only had friends their name was Victim1,Victim2,Victim3,..... I reported him but a hour later I got a message from Roblox saying:

Dear killerkingsking, we're sorry but that player was banned years ago and somehow he got again theres nothing we can do


I had nothing to do too. So I searched about him and found out he was a serial killer first he started killing in 1998 and in 2005 he found a game called Roblox which is a kid's game so he can murder kids and can track them down like a hacker. After that I got chills down my spine.

Me:Oh man what have I done?!

I turned of my laptop and go to the bed but I couldn't sleep. Next day I heard someone saying with crazy voice:


How the hell did he know my name?!

I locked the door and blocked it with everything that I could find. Then I grabbed my dad's hunting rifle and a knife just in case but something came in my mind it was the kitchen's windows! I heard a glass breaking sound I forgot to block them he was coming and my door had a lock but no key, I called police quickly when he entered my room I shot him on his legs and wait for police to come, few minutes later police came and took the guy so did my parents come home too.

And I promised myself that day, never play Roblox home alone.