It was a normal day. I woke up and decided to play ROBLOX. There wasn't much to play, so I searched my favorite games. And now I noticed something weird... There was a place named "I Like Turtles". I don't remember a game named like that... Maybe someone just changed it's name. I clicked "Play". That was Twisted Murderer! Why did Taymaster name it like this? I was on the server with 7 more people:

-jestemdebilxd - NBC

-MysteriousCat57 - TBC

-TacoflavorGG - NBC

-windows8forever - NBC

-ohhaitherekk - BC

-FireEaterUltimate - BC

-xXhamsterusXx - OBC

The game started, I was the Murderer! I killed everyone except Mysterious and Taco. Time left: 67 seconds, I killed Taco, he was the Sheriff! 34 secs left, I see MysteriousCat. I threw the knife to him, he's afk...? The knife is 5 studs away from him, but... Damn it, stupid hacker! Everyone teleported to a game named "I Hate Turtles". It looks exactly like Twisted Murderer's lobby, but everyone except Mysterious are turtles... We are still in the lobby, but Taco has the Sheriff's gun... Wait! I don't have my knife, so who does? Mysterious! He's the Murderer! "Shoot Mysterious! He's the Murderer!" I said on the chat. Really...? Taco shot ohhai... Yes, I've got the gun! I tried to shoot Mysterious, but I can't... It's weird, because I can shoot everything else... I wonder what happened to Taco and ohhai, their names on the player list are red instead of white. Mysterious has a... Wait, is it a TacoflavoGG puppet? In the other hand he has a ohhaitherekk puppet... After 5 minutes xXhamsterusXx said "Okay, teleporting us to your place isn't THAT bad, changing us into turtles too, but making puppets from dead players? Guys, let's report that hacker...". Everyone is reporting Mysterious, hope he will lose his TBC account. But then dead bodies of Taco and ohhai felt from the roof. With them there was blood (No, not realistic blood.) and 2 broken spines. They also dissapeared from the player list. FireEater chatted "you bastard!". Mysterious threw a knife to him. Fire also got kicked. There are only 5 people left. Mysterious killed hamsterus and windows too. Jestemdebilxd, Mysteriouscat57 and me are the only people on the server. I said "MysteriousIdiot is your name, gtg.". I left the server. But wait! This is not the end, I left the server and checked Mysterious' profile. He got banned! Yay! But I also got a message from someone called "DoctorSmileyX". But... I don't have him in my friends... The message says "Even if you banned a hacker, he will hack you and find your IP, and then your house... Better look behind you..." Hmph, nothing behind me... *looks back into the screen* HOLY $#![!!!!! SCREAMER!!!! I saw a massacred body of TacoflavorGG and there was a f#скing SO loud scream!!! Wait, another message. "HE FOUND YOUR HOUSE, RUN NOW!" Ummm... I'm confused... Wait, I hear the doorbell, hmm... who is that? Wait here, I'll be back in a sec.-?@',lokmp@.


Hey! Hope you enjoyed my first ever creepypasta! Yes, I know it's more funny than scary, but I'm a noob in making creepypastas.

Have a good day,


13:33, November 1, 2015 (UTC)~