There's an audio called 'Mesh-6/Asphyxia:)' on ROBLOX. However, you cannot get to it by searching it up on a normal browser.

There is debate over how you get to it. It is confirmed you can use TOR to find it, however, others believe you can find it otherwise by doing stuff like joining a certain game or sending a certain person a message saying 'I'm Ready'. Only one photo of it exists; the photo is below. Now, you may be thinking, 'what does the audio sound like?'. It's believed to be an extremely loud static that starts lagging up your device until your device turns off. You will not be able to turn it on again. The audio page is very odd. It has no favourite or sharing buttons, the bit that says the creator is missing and instead of being a player up top, there is a weird looking face. The biggest question is, 'why is the audio on ROBLOX?'. It's believed to be a failed test audio. 2 employees apparently committed suicide after hearing it, but this has not been confirmed.

People say it is linked to the

√∆∆ƒ††¬˙∆˚ƒ¥˚∆∂††¥ƒ≤¥∆ audio, which contains screeching, noise and glitch.

By Mythslegends

that face will always be watching YOU.


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