The Lost Tape pt. 1

One day, sometime in March, I made a video that I wanted to upload to Youtube, It was me playing some

ROBLOX games, but I never found it after I Recorded it. But sometime later, I found it on my desktop.

For some reason, it was called "Lost Tape 666"

So, I played it. At first, The tape was normal. But at one point, the screen started getting red, and random

words started appearing on the video, like "THE LOST AND LAST VIDEO". So I uploaded it to Youtube,

it was called "WTF???". After that, I went to sleep.

The next day, I looked at my Youtube video. It was banned for some reason, Instead of it saying it was

deleted, It said "THIS WAS YOUR LAST VIDEO". At this point, I was freaked out. So I quit my Youtube

channel and told all my friends on ROBLOX, Some didn't belive me and some did. Then, Someone sent me

a message. His name was THELOSTTAPE666, The Message said, "YOU SPREAD THE WORD, NO WORD

FROM YOU AGAIN". It was him, AGAIN. I took a nap, When I woke up, It was 2 PM. I went on ROBLOX

to look at my messages, Then I saw him AGAIN! The message said, "TURN AROUND AND GOODBYE"

I turned around in my chair.....

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