I tried to look for the link to this dudes profile, but apparently his account got deleted, what a relief!

Xx sugar lover xX

Three Months Ago (July 2015) it was of course just a boring summer day, not really much to do (since all of my friends are at school). So i decided to play ROBLOX, i noticed i got a friend request from some guy named Xx_sugar_lover_xX, he just looked like some average classic n00b just looking for a friend, so i accepted, which was probably the worst mistake of my life, right after I accepted, he created a party with me. He didn't say anything, he just joined a game, the game was called 'Build a Mansion Tycoon', which is pretty normal these days, so I followed, except, it wasn't really a tycoon, it was some sort of torture chamber made out of realistic bricks and wood, he was in with me, he didn't say anything, he just started fading away, the scared look on his face was so realistic, then the first thing he said to me was "IT'S YOUR TURN", then my game crashed, so I decided to stop playing ROBLOX for the day.

Part 2

OK, i got something to tell you guys, you know how it's been tree months, well, i had another encounter with this guy, right after i wrote this pasta, i went back on to ROBLOX and I saw that I had a new PM, so I went to check it out, i thought it would just be one of those group invites, but it wasn't, it was from Xx_sugar_lover_xX, he didn't say anything in the message, he just sent me a link to a game, this time the game was called 'Abandoned', and in the description, he said that he was abandoned one day as a child, and that I abandoned him, I didn't know what he meant by that, maybe he meant when my game crashed, he thought I left the game on purpose, maybe he was just like me, fooled by the title 'Build a Mansion Tycoon', maybe he thought I left him to fade away... I saw that I got a party invite by Xx_sugar_lover_xX, when I accepted... here was our conversation

Xx_sugar_lover_xX: why did you leave me to die

Me: I didn't, I crashed

Xx_sugar_lover_xX: now i'm dead

Me: dude, you could have just left the game

*it took a while for him to respond*

Xx_sugar_lover_xX: I was abandoned by the ROBLOX Corporation in 2006, I was an admin.

Me: why did they leave you

Xx_sugar_lover_xX: they forgot about me, they forgot my password or something

Me: if nobody is their, how are you playing

*he didn't respond after that*

weird conversation, right, I gotta get more info about this guy.


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