|| A/N: Hey guys, it's Csskitty. Yup, I still exist. Since the wiki is shutting down, I decided to give it one last "fuck you" and make a story. I'm ready for all the hate. Well, I hope you enjoy, I guess.||

Oh Roblox. You managed to make everyone, even addicted users, like me, leave. How could you do such a thing? Oh, many, many ways. All of your horrible updates, announcements, etc. You try SOO hard to get new players, but I don't think you realize. You're driving them away. The games suck so badly, but it's been like that for the past year. But there was a certain game that made me flip you off, and go.

Lets just start the actual story now.

About 2 months ago, I was looking at the front page for a game to play. Roblox High School? Boring Without My Friends Bird Simulator? What Am I, 8? Work At a Pizza Place? Oh God No. Mad Murderer? NO. Hig- Wait.... Mad Murderer? That game was decent, so I said "Why not?" When I clicked on it, the thumbnail looked... weird.

-D-bandicam 2015-11-09 17-27-02-906


I shrugged it off, since loleris is pretty messed up. I joined the game, clueless about what was going to happen. "Well, Well, Well" I heard a voice say, right when I joined the game. I looked around my room, to see what was causing the voice. Nothing in my room could've made that noise. It's nothing, just loleris being weird. I looked back in my game, and I saw my infamous "Fan" ......


Oh wow. This'll be fun. "Looks like we meet again" I heard the same voice say. I didn't look around my room, I know I wouldn't, but I thought I would see something I didn't like. I put in chat "Yeah, I guess. I'm just going to go now before things get weird" I clicked X, (I don't want to make my story a bowl full of clichés) and for once, I finally was able to leave. I tried to click another game, but in black, bold text "NO." popped up. I jumped a bit in my chair, but I just clicked another game. "I DON'T THINK SO....!" I heard a voice scream.

That's it. I'm DONE with this! I exited the Roblox tab, and I leaned back in my chair. I looked at my computer screen, and I was in a Roblox game... What the? I could've sworn I just closed it. The game didn't look familiar at all. It was just a grey pad. I leaned toward my screen. "HA." I heard the same, terrifying voice say. I turned my game camera around, and who do I see? Wait... WHO DO I SEE? It isn't GiveUpCsskitty... I read the name slowly. "YouDontMatter" ( Oh. Well that's lovely.

They were blocky, and all black except for the head. He didn't have a health bar, so I just got more, and more confused. I looked for his name on the game list, nope. Not there! Just my name. "Oh if it isn't Csskitty." I heard a deeper voice say. I was randomly teleported back to "The Mad Murderer" I was so confused. I saw in chat

"I guess it's the insane murderer now.

(YouDontMatter's Game:

(Quick A/N: Hey guys! If you like this, or my other creepypastas, feel free to talk to me. Search Csskitty on roblox, and friend and/or message me! <3)

To Be Continued...

Csskitty (talk) 22:44, November 9, 2015 (UTC)

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