I have been playing Roblox for about like 2 years now... I found a game called [Content Not Deleted] I joined it... there was my old house that burned down 5 years ago with someone there his name was IamYourWorstNightmare I went to the bunker I had in my house and got my dads Shotgun It was a Axe doe in the Roblox game I hit him but then I woke up

After 4 years

I started playing Roblox again but everything was black and bloody I asked my brother if he messed up my computer but he was hanged... I was freaking out there was a note said "Hello. your next DemonSlayer4182" I got scared and after 2 days my house burned down and a note was outside it said "Your sister got boild in fire :D hope your happy"

5 months later

My mom and dad died in a car crash... I knew I was next I was so scared I broke my computer and my family was back I told my Mom what happened and then I woke up again I was in two dreams i said "Phew!"

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