Chapter I

It was just another day at my house... Everything was calm, the birds were singing out in the rays of sunlight outside, and of course I was just sitting back and relaxing on my recliner slurping a can of mountain dew. But then I felt the urge to visit my YouTube channel 'TheMemeGamer" to watch the funny videos I made a few months ago. But then I received a Skype call from my best friend, Jorrel. "Hey dude" he said. "Hi." I replied, "So did you want to meet at the park?" Jorrel said. I glanced at my watch and it read 4:36 PM. Since this was the weekend, I felt like I needed a little fresh air, "Alright then." I said. I took off my laptop and put on my shoes. I walked outside and got onto my bike to get to the park, once i reached the park Jorrel waved hello to me, and so did I. "Ok Jorrel, wanted did you want to do?" I said with confusion. "Um, dude I wanted to tell you something that was going on lately.." Jorrel said with a worried look on his face. "I checked on Twitter this morning and people WORLDWIDE are talking about this thing called "The ISTON Virus". "Really?" I said, "But why? Is it something dangerous?", "Apparently people were talking about how this thing goes to every house and hack computers and murder people..." Jorrel said as his heart pounded. "Murder? HAS THIS WORLD GONE MAD?!" I shouted. "Um, the world isn't mad at us. The only thing mad is THAT thing..." Jorrel said pointing is finger at something behind me. I quickly turned around to see RED eyes staring at us with sharp teeth growling at us from the shadows...

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