I was looking through my feed when I saw I had a very strange message,

"This idiot gave me his roblox account! gg no re get rekt, am I right? Too bad he doesn't have much."

I went back on the person who had the message and looked at his games. (Awesome Update) Medieval Advanced, 200 visits. I went in the game and saw a message that said, "Get out or you shall perish."

Another message said, "Your death shall come." I took the threats literally and became very scared, fearing the thought that I might actually die. The screen turned red and flashed a text reading, "WE ARE GODS."

I went on my own game, and saw the user who had messaged me, waiting. "Get Ready," he told me.

I tried to kill him with my admin commands, but his robloxian didn't die. I repeatedly typed in commands, growing fearful by the second. The screen turned red once more, this time saying, "Nothing can happen to us, we are immortal. We are Gods."

The colors faded away, and I saw the user again, but with a different face. The face had two glaring eyes, and a morbidly mangled mouth. I walked up to the character and tried slashing him with my weapons, but not a single swipe of my gear made his health bar show a speck of red. His robloxian stared at me, grabbing a sword identical to mine while maintaining eye contact. Killing me with a single hit, the server froze, a pop-up following to say, "An unexpected error occurred and ROBLOX needs to quit. We're sorry!"

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