he warned us 

Me and my cousin always played Roblox. It was such an exciting event every time I logged on. Once, we were playing Club Red, (It got banned. :(. It was such a good game :(, but sort of for oders.) So, we met these two twin guys and they were crushing on us. The first twin took us outside to introduce the other guy, and he was resting on a dumpster. We chatted a little, and then went our separate ways. When we went in, there was a separate room where there were some couches and of such. It was where you could get prepared or something similar to that. Overrated in my opinion, but alright. Right then and there some random guy walked up to us. He said "Do not play Roblox tomorrow, or you will get hacked. Please, I'm warning you! Log out and play only as a guest, or else! I'm part of the Roblox Corporation, and you are one of the few people on our list! The hacker is targeting you!" If you don't know any typical person playing Roblox, it will sound something like this; "Piss off oder!". Ours was a little different, but some variety in the actual game is very rare. We ignored this completely, but since my cousin was over, we told my mom.