2/11/17 I was playing ROBLOX, i was trying to hunt down the HeilSatan66 ghost of roblox, he seemed to be online, the join game button was red and said 666 instead, I clicked it and I Spawned in a dark happy home, I explore untill I see the figure, with my friend XxBlueyBoyxX hanging by the neck, the figure takes out the linked sword gear and jabs his Robloxian, i continue to play, skyping bluey he said he really felt this spike in his neck, I then walk right into the figure not looking, my screen goes black, my pic shuts off and I realize I played his game all day, the numbers 666 was on my screen, though my pc was off.

'The next day I call blue, he didn't want to play today, he felt sore, so did I, i check my arm, there it was a rash showing 666, I decide to play the game still, the user asks me why I'm coming, I told him I wanted to save his soul, he then says, WhO WILl sAv3 yOurs? I then get a shock on my eye, my eye starts to sting, the user slowly teleports closer and kills my robloxian, I black out, and the rest of the week, I was brainwashed. Still playing, but this time, I felt cold, the user watched me, only watched, in every game I join, he follows, will he follow you?

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