Okay this is my first ever creepypasta i Ever wrote so please be gentle

Hello my name is Earl A.K.A zombkid. I was on roblox for quite a long time playing zombie survival games or tycoons. Pretty much anything that interested me such as The Greenwood Town. Robloxity and other stuff like that. And today I decided to play some greenwood town. All was fine after a while until I decided to become SWAT after being sick of slaughtering the police. But when I joined every one got the name Guest 666.

Now me being my age back then (10) and having been on the internet and stuff for a while this creeped me the heck out. However I expected it to be some stupid hacker. So I quit in-case he does some more stuff  and came back later. I decided poop đŸ’© however this time there was only one Guest 666 right in front of me then everyone in chat kept saying "Die or He will make you suffer Something WORST THEN DEATH".

Then the server shut down. I messaged (after adding him) the Owner (Floppa98) about the guest in case he put it in there for a laugh. He responded saying. I have no idea what you are talking about seems like a prank though. And after the response I decided to stay away from it for a while.

And when I came back it was all normal so after hours of playing i started to play a different game And i saw everyone was Guest 666 even me. And then I heard loads of screaming and what appeared to be a knife slashing. Then the game shut down and my roblox completely turned off

So I turned it back on and every place was called Look out Earl. Guest is coming and the roblox sign turned into The Guest Of Roblox in a red bloody font. I woke up today with the words Guest 666 cut into my arm. I went to my parents about it. Finding them dead with a man dressed up as a roblox guest standing there.

He chased me until i managed to get out to the neighbors where they called the police. The man disappeared leaving the severed hands of my parents at the door. To this day I see him in the corner of my eye. In my bed at night. Telling me every sick detail about my parents. He is the Satan of Roblox and The Reaper of Insanity. He is a dummy.

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