hello, my ROBLOX name is jory59, but this is not about me, this is about an experience I had on ROBLOX on a game called Build to Survive, it looked pretty good, but it had 0 players. When I joined i spawned in a lobby area (like most survival games on ROBLOX), I waited for about 2 minutes before I spawned in the middle of a playing area, but I noticed something, there was no blocks to build anything, nothing in the gearbox, or anything, it was just a dumb game with nothing in it! the thumbnail was fake. in the middle of the nothingness was a ROBLOX figure, i was curious so I walked up to it, and I noticed it had no features (like when your waiting for you character to load on a game) it was just gray, except the face ill never forget, it looked real, then these shocking words were words I will never forget, the figure said... I... AM... YOU. right after that terrifying moment, the game crashed. After that I went to my ROBLOX Homepage, When I saw my friends list section, all my friends looked like me and had the same name as me, i was really nervous, I decided to take a break from ROBLOX.


i decided to try ROBLOX out again, i just went to a roleplaying game, like Town of Robloxia or ROBLOX High School and troll some noobs, until i looked to the player list and everybody had my name, i looked at the chat and all the chat said was "I... AM... YOU", what happened to all the "123 for a hot bf" or "123 for a cute baby" none of those were there, all of those were replaced with "I... AM... YOU".


i decided to make a party with my my friends (toonlink880 and lordbeeswax123), so I decided to call one of them, when I said "so, what game do you wanna play" he replied with "what, i'm not playing ROBLOX right now". Who could it be... I quit the party and decided to just get off ROBLOX for the day and go outside.


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