So, lately things have been rough. I never reached out to this wiki at all in the past few weeks (Or days, memory is blurred) and I feel quite bad to be honest. Thinking about it, letting go to something that's been good to me (meaning this is really my only official wiki) made me feel worse. A few minutes before I began writing this page, I changed the wiki back to its "normal" state, being that it isn't shutting down. Infact, I don't think I'll ever shut it down, especially at a time near Christmas. Now, it may seem I am getting a little too dramatic over this situation between me and the wiki, but it's honestly the truth. There are good people here I can see that could make this wiki improved. There is some potential, if not a lot, that this wiki has. It's like no other, because what sorry person would think of a wiki dedicated to making creepy stories about a mass multiplayer game? It's basically one of its kind, but I'm not saying its the only one. There is another one, but its little and starting to grow like a sapling. I'm not sure if there is more than two though, but there could be.

I know it seems like I'm breaking my own rules here, but I felt this page needed to be created.

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