so there was once tale that there was dark slender man in old forum that not a lot see


so me and my best friend link were on the forum and we finded this guy in one really really old fourm and his name is "darkslenderman" he looked dark so we made fun of him


we went around a saw teh guy in the irl. He was tall and lke. real edgy . he was real dark. going around the sidewalk he was being person. We laughed because he look exactly like we imagine he.

the next morning

after we go home from schol we went bak to harassing the dark and creepy guy. he posted a forum and stuff about being bullyed. We laughed and called him a loser and moron hahah


the guy went to goin around to evn more edgyness. He was wearing red paint on his wrists. So we just laughed even more. good days for link and me

but den it snapped we searched thought his final form he said he is committing death to end his pain we didnt care and thot it was just a harmles joke to make us stop billing him


teh darkslenderman went to us and balamed us. We were scared beyond belif. really scury

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