This was a rushed and unfinished pasta. It was made almost 2 years ago so I am not going to bother adding on to it/editing it, you guys can do it. This is inspiration from some deep web pasta that I forgot the name of. Anyways I hope you somehow enjoy this very bad made pasta.


It was 13th of June 2015; I was searching for some hidden pages on ROBLOX. My username was zLock, since I owned a locking clan on ROBLOX. I have found more than 30 hidden pages, but on that day, I found a page that should never been on ROBLOX…

The page was called “DSoR”, when I went on it; it was titled “Deep Side of ROBLOX”. It had all of these items on there! Leaked hats, stolen games and even accounts, at a price of 1.5m R$. I was looking around and saw a button called “livestreams”, I thought they were twitch streams of people leaking or copying games, but I was wrong. When I pressed on it, it only came up with one livestream called “ODers”.

I pressed on the stream, it was loading. When it stopped loading, it was something strange, an animation?! I saw a ROBLOXian in a mask walking around the camera. He later picks it up and mounts it on a tripod, I get scared. I see a ROBLOXian that is dressed up as an Online Dater, tied to a chair. I thought that this was just pre – set and it wasn’t live, until a guy in the chat said “hit her!” The guy hits the person strapped into the chair. I can’t believe it, it’s an actual stream! Another guy says “Hit her with a hammer”, the guy does that. The person screams in pain, I feel a sick feeling in my stomach. Another person says “Electrocute her!” I say in my head “God, please, don’t”, the guy electrocutes her, I hear a bigger scream. Then one guy says “SHOOT HER!”. I cover my eyes and ears and wait… nothing happens! I look at the chat; he says “wait, not yet”. I am relieved, until he says “Take her eyeballs out first!” I turn off my monitor and run outside of my house and vomit, I left my speakers on and it is playing while I am vomiting, which makes me vomit again. I run at my computer and grab my keyboard to smash my speakers, which stops the screaming. I turn on my monitor to see something that made me puke again, she was beheaded and cut into small pieces, and the streamer laughs and turns the stream off. I close the page and vomit some more.

That’s why you should never go onto the deep side of ROBLOX, there will always be a nice thing, but there will be a stitching thing.

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