The Plaza has been always an amazing game isn't it? But the beta testing place of it has been always a secret...


I was excited for the beta testing place of The Plaza to open. Widgeon then made a shout on the fan group that it has opened. I then joined the game and it was unexpectedly lagging. I managed to press the Play button, but something flashed for a split second before fading so I can play. I remember it was a disfigured version of Widgeon. I then realized the Tower Condos had an extra floor, maybe there were extra rooms for Super Condos. There was also a new building too. It looked very tall. I decided to go explore it. Nothing inside. I think Widgeon didn't quite add the stuff yet, but when I looked into the beach, I saw..something. My graphics level was very low so I can't see it fully. I decided to take the lag and turned my graphics to 10. It was the same disfigured Widgeon. I said: Hi?

Nobody responded. Then finally the creator came. I reported to him the story. He came to the beach and saw the exact same thing, but disappeared 2 seconds after. Widgeon believed me and then got to fix his game. He then realized there was a script he didn't remember adding. He deleted it. We both rejoined and the figure was miraculously still there. We then approached it and Widgeon disconnected. I'm the only person left. I had to do it. I had to BATTLE. I then noticed a button that said "Throw". I clicked it and showed me a list of items to throw. I only had PP, so I threw all of my Plaza Points at the beast. It didn't have collision, so I was quite pissed off. The beast then made a growl sound that didn't exist on the Plaza's database, and disconnected me out. Widgeon PM'd me this after the incident:

"hi Outrun1986.

i didnt expect that damn beast to appear in the game, i went on studio and checked, there was a model i have never heard of or added before, but when i clicked it studio disconnected me, sorry for the incovenience.


I then found evidence about the "beast". The thing...It was YBE444. Remember that guy from my older creepypastas? YES, IT'S HIM. HE HAVE COME TO GET REVENGE ON ME LIKE HE PROMISED. HE DIDN'T LIE.


(all creepypastas are fake, don't expect this to be real!)

It has been ages since the incident. I no longer have access to the beta testing place due to safety issues. But still, YBE will get revenge on me another time. Soon.

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