It all started when i was bored, i wanted to play Roblox in a peace place where nobody was there. So i saw a place called "Beautiful Trees" so i went there, it was alone without players i was watching the water and the trees, it was so beautiful untill my friends said in message, "Dont play it" i got warned and i was wondering why i cant, so i got alot of messages of that without a reason why i cant play it. I was watching the trees thinking of something i asked myself "What is going on with them?" "Why i cant play this?" i got many questions about the message they said, untill i saw randomly a shadow wondering that what was that so i came closer to the shadow i got scared so i went more closer and saw it was a tree shadow i did a long breath and i said "Thanks god it was not a ghost" I wanted to check the owner who made the place and it said it was banned, i was wondering "Why is he banned?", I came back to game and saw the chat that someone said "Get away from me" and i was wondering who said that, there was not players on the server so one player came and said "Get out of here fast before is late!" so i leaved the game and never came back, the place was now called "Content Deleted" i was so scared and today im not ever going to that place.

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