One day in 2010, a sword called the white Darkheart was released. However, it was hacked and cursed. Anyone who buys it gets cursed with bad luck and nightmares. Soon, ROBLOX will start doing terrible things to your account like banning you for no reason or taking away items from your inventory. Soon, you will be haunted by an evil spirit who only comes out at midnight and leaves at dawn. So you have to prevent it from catching you until 6 am kinda like fnaf right? if you get caught you will faint and when you wake up you will be in a different world in this world .the evil spirit will follow you around but he won't get close to you at all through the whole world soon you will find the exit but don't go in it it's a fake exit if you go in it you will die the real exit has an yellow color instead of a white color when you go through the real exit you will be back in the real world but the evil spirit will haunt you on ROBLOX forever and sometimes at night you can see the spirit with 2 red eyes in front of you in the dark if it doesn't catch you it won't haunt you on ROBLOX and you can play normally also the curse will be gone too but never buy any sword from the catalog again or the evil spirit will come back and kill you instead of taking you to another world

I'm done editing...~~robloxKILLER10