So i was on rob lox looking for games what the hell i found a game what was called hell i played it and i saw a bunch of weird stuff like some how the game was not banned even show it had a bunch of satanix stuff like demons devil and even 666 and i found a game pass called your next now that really creeped me out then later i try to log in to my account but i can't log in i get sent back to desc top and then it shows a really creepy image on my desc top and i start to panic I'm freaking out about my desc top and my rob lox account seems to be hacked i make another account and then you know what a fool of myself i make i went back to the game but it looked different and it had a sign what said your going to die i screamed and then another sign said i will kill you i started to panic all over again but this time it was a lot worse my computer shut down about five years later i already got a new computer but then suddenly my old computer comes on but the windows start up logo instead of it saying windows it said 666 with a really creepy devil face i start to panic its other my computers haunted or its hacked I'm hoping its hacked and i never see the game again if you want to make a fool out of yourself go to this link