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The Community Creepypasta

(Part 1 by: MarioandSonic12)

I woke up. 11:47 was shown on my electric clock on my nightstand by my bed. As I yawned, I got out of my pajamas and headed downstairs. My mom had already cooked breakfast. I ate pancakes with waffles and bacon, they were scrumptious.

I decided to play good ol' Roblox. I opened up Google Chrome and typed in For some weird reason I was logged out, I always leave myself logged in. That's unusual. I logged into my account.

Then, I saw an blank advertisement. There's something awkward going on and I know it. I clicked on it to see what was going on. The title of the game was: Play. I clicked play and I saw the Mad Studio logo and after that, I saw it was Mad Murderer. Then 1 minute after I joined, someone by the name of @#$%. I don't think you could even get that name... To be honest, I don't think I was actually playing Mad Murderer.

I walked up to the map vote. Before I had voted, one of the maps got 6 votes and instantly went to the map. It was a white base plate, that was it. It had this shiny effect that made my eyes hurt. My eyes hurt, so I turned the graphics down, I could finally see. The player named @#$% had teleported in front of me. They pulled out the knife, it had a black handle and the sharp part was red.

(Part by Ve4i76 )

It said in the chat " Hello... " as it slowly walked towards my character

I somehow had the urge to respond.


Me: Who are you?!

@#$%: It doesn't matter who I am. Cause you are about to DIE.

Me: No!


I ran away and found a sheriff gun lying around and tried to shoot him, Once I shot him and he died, My ROBLOX crashed.. Before it crashed.. He said in the chat " You will regret this. "

Regret what? I thought to myself.. I didn't know what was gonna happen.. Would I get a virus? Would I get hacked? Would I get my ROBLOX character banned or terminated? I don't know...

I decided to refresh the page and somehow the thumbnail was my ROBLOX character..

The description said " It's ok.. Someone's gonna die soon. ", I jumped because I think it was about me.. I decided to check the one who made the game's profile. His character was all red.. It's name was @#$% also.. Was he stalking me? I found another game by him. It was called "@#$%@#$%@#$%@#$%@#$%".. My stupid self decided to play that game.. It showed a blank baseplate flashing white and black, It hurted my eyes.

I tried to turn the graphics down. It revealed a sky with a ROBLOXian, It was deformed, brutally decimated. I couldn't take the brutalness so I decided to close ROBLOX. It didn't work. I tried to turn off my computer. Didn't work. I tried to unplug my computer, It was stuck. I decided to wait. Until..? @#$% joined again. I couldn't do anything but wander around and watch the screen, I couldn't chat.

@#$% had that same black handle, red knife. He slowly walked up to my ROBLOXian. I couldn't move. And brutally stabbed it as blood came out of it. I couldn't watch my ROBLOXian die. My character slowly turned to me. A audio played. It was a distorted version of someone saying " Why?" As @#$% kept stabbing. My ROBLOXian's head got decapitated with blood everywhere for a split second before crashing my ROBLOX again.

This frustrated me, so I went to play an obby. About 5 stages into the obby, @#$% joined the game. The screen appeared to warp as he easily completed 5 stages. Suddenly, my cursor vanished and I couldn't click anywhere.

THE UNKNOWN ERROR: Made By: TotsPlays. (P.S. all of this is fake so pls dont comment FAKER!.

It was a regular day in ROBLOX, I started by playing some mm2 (aka Murder Mystery 2) and right when I joined a random server it was night time in the game, and the Blox Watch eyes were every where! I was so freaked out, but I stayed in the server to see what happened. Suddenly a player called UNKNOWN ERROR joined, he said "You should join us, don't be afraid. If you don't join us then your friend boogirl2019 will die."(boogirl2019 is actually my friend in roblox) He was holding her by the neck and a bloody knife in the other hand. I was so freaked out! Unknown error just said "What are you waiting for, huh and invatation?" "I'll join you if you put her down!" I said. A voice in my head said "IT'S A TRICK DON'T FALL FOR IT!" Suddenly my computer glitched and I couldn't move or chat or reset no anything! Then UNKNOWN ERROR said "I guess you'll go with her" and then he stabbed both of us.I legit felt a pain in my real back, I turned around and UNKNOWN ERROR was there. He stabbed me in the leg and I passed out, that's all I remember.

After a guy caled bla bla bla showed up and kiled UNKOWN ERROR and he shuted down the whole server one hour later I played jailbreak and I saw a guy called THE C0MMUNITY so I chat "who are you" then he said "#%$#$%^" and I creeped out and I chat "don`t you u dare scare me cuz I saw to haker today and my account almost broke so I left the game.

(Part 3 made by JoeBee James) ((Explicit violence and words))

The time of this story is not important. My name is not essential to your understanding of my story. What follows is much, much more important, so please pay attention. It was some time after lunch, and I had just scored an A on RoBeats. After which, I decided to stop playing RoBeats and instead catch up with my party chats. I'd missed about 10 messages in my most active party chat called "Feel the Beat".

0megarealm5: Hey!
Canofsoup88: Hey.
0megarealm5: What you doin' mate?
Canofsoup88: Nothing much, just trying to score at least 80 on Shelter.
AbbySquid: Hey, guys?
Canofsoup88: Yes?
0megarealm5: Yes?
AbbySquid: How do you change your keybinds in this game again? I forgot.
Canofsoup88: Find the Helpful Allien.
AbbySquid: Thanks.

After the above chain of messages, Abby decided she had to go. We all said goodbye, knowing that it gets boring in this chat without Abby in it. We tried not to let that change our mindset too much and continued to play ROBLOX. Canofsoup88 then informed us that he had gotten an F on a song he usually aced. Canofsoup88 asked why and stated he was a waste of human flesh.

We tried to explain to him that we're all human and can make errors from time to time. But that didn't seem to phase Can at all. He continued to scream at us, even violent things that seem like they would be filtered on ROBLOX. In fact, they were, but we knew Can was using hacks as he stated he uses hacks before this. Can still continued to insist that he did not belong on this earth even as we complimented him in every way possible.

Canofsoup88 then threatened to do what suicidal people do to themselves when in the suicidal mood. We pleaded for him not to do it, but it was too late. He'd already linked the evidence of him doing it on Discord. For your own eyes, I will not show any photos. Let's just say he said he had scratched his nails against his skin, ripping it and making him bleed. As soon as the other users in the group saw it, they'd already felt their emotions closing in on them.

"What the fucking hell?" I had thought to myself after viewing the picture. I couldn't stop staring at the wound, knowing that what I was seeing was real and not a fake movie wound. I requested for the image sharing site to take it down because of violation of its self-harm policy. We, however, had more extreme worries than Can being suicidal. A creepy game hunting group had just had one of its first sparks of activity in a while.

The post was by someone called [REDACTED]. It read:

"[REDACTED ID]" Which lead to a now 404'd game called "My World". Immediately I asked the rest of the group, excluding Canofsoup88, to join my game. When I joined, there was nothing but what seemed to be endless amounts of grassy land. There were also what appeared to be hand-made statues, giving the appearance of being made of wood. The statue depicted a noob, minus the colors. There were 3 other statues behind the first one, one to the left, and the other to the right.

We wandered away from that section of the map since nothing of vitality appeared to be nearby. To the left of the 3 statues were what appeared to be guns lined up in a row. A few inches from these guns was a supposedly free-modeled billboard with the words "Roblox Highschool" printed on the top, with an image of Roblox Highschool in the background.

"Is this some sort of terrorist threat?" I asked myself. It had to be. With all the recent events going on, it wasn't unlikely either. We all just shrugged, trying to ignore the backstory behind such a billboard. We once again started forward. For a while, nothing of interest showed up except for the occasional rock or pond of water. A peaceful song began to play. It used subwoofer kicks, bass, and electrical music style altogether to create a relaxing piece. It seemed to have lyrics, too. If you're interested in what the lyrics are, here they are, quoted from the game.

"I wake up

Feeling so fantastic

It's a shame that I'm not elastic.

I was forced to break my fucking legs for gymnastics

I used cheaty tactics

I tried to sign a treaty with myself

But it failed

Left behid a trail of failure.

I mailed the post office once

Said they didn't care about my letter.

I'd spent so much time writing it with a feather

Because of this, I had to sleep in a tent for weeks

With every tweak causing another mistake.

Take 90, the director said

Lake Charles is where it all took place

Snuck in my brother without a trace

Mother, please forgive my actions.

For you'll have a negative reaction."

Displayed was a house. We went inside and discovered an NPC to talk to. His name was Dan, and once we clicked on him, seemed to act exactly like a noob. Saying things like "H0w do 1 ch@nge my avatar please help!". Below the noob to the left was a hole. What as the hole leading to, you ask? We wondered that ourselves and proceeded to jump down into the hole. Turns out, it didn't lead to the void where we would've died in-game. Instead, it used transparent parts to teleport us to a game called "Void."

The game was full of nothing but black bricks and a nighttime skybox. Instead of being relatively calm and peaceful, this user seemed to be more violent and aggressive. Even his NPC was designed to freak the average 8-year-old ROBLOXian to get off the game. The NPCs lines went like this, in order of apperance.

"Hang yourself, fag."

"Slit your wrist!"

"Eat shit and die!"

"Why do you keep talking to me? Go tell your mommy that you're a fucking disgrace and should burn in hell."

"I will shoot you."

"I bet you suck toes."

"Go buy your precious gear and choke on it."

"Swallow my arm."

"I will snap your neck."

"Lol asshole, don't you have any more of that fucking homework you gotta do?"

"I bet you wet your bed."

"I hope you end up in a car accident, with your face torn off."

Please note all of these were filtered by ROBLOX originally, and these are rough guesses of what he said. I was only creeped out truly when I learned that the account was as old as ROBLOX, and this user was wasting it all to create a game he or she knows will get them banned. What was thie users' mindset? What's wrong with them?

(end of part 3)