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The Community Creepypasta

(Part 1 by: MarioandSonic12)

I woke up. 11:47 was shown on my electric clock on my nightstand by my bed. As I yawned, I got out of my pajamas and headed downstairs. My mom had already cooked breakfast. I ate pancakes with waffles and bacon, they were scrumptious.

I decided to play good ol' Roblox. I opened up Google Chrome and typed in For some weird reason I was logged out, I always leave myself logged in. That's unusual. I logged into my account.

Then, I saw an blank advertisement. There's something awkward going on and I know it. I clicked on it to see what was going on. The title of the game was: Play. I clicked play and I saw the Mad Studio logo and after that, I saw it was Mad Murderer. Then 1 minute after I joined, someone by the name of @#$%. I don't think you could even get that name... To be honest, I don't think I was actually playing Mad Murderer.

I walked up to the map vote. Before I had voted, one of the maps got 6 votes and instantly went to the map. It was a white base plate, that was it. It had this shiny effect that made my eyes hurt. My eyes hurt, so I turned the graphics down, I could finally see. The player named @#$% had teleported in front of me. They pulled out the knife, it had a black handle and the sharp part was red.

(Part by Ve4i76 )

It said in the chat " Hello... " as it slowly walked towards my character

I somehow had the urge to respond.


Me: Who are you?!

@#$%: It doesn't matter who I am. Cause you are about to DIE.

Me: No!


I ran away and found a sheriff gun lying around and tried to shoot him, Once I shot him and he died, My ROBLOX crashed.. Before it crashed.. He said in the chat " You will regret this. "

Regret what? I thought to myself.. I didn't know what was gonna happen.. Would I get a virus? Would I get hacked? Would I get my ROBLOX character banned or terminated? I don't know...

I decided to refresh the page and somehow the thumbnail was my ROBLOX character..

The description said " It's ok.. Someone's gonna die soon. ", I jumped because I think it was about me.. I decided to check the one who made the game's profile. His character was all red.. It's name was @#$% also.. Was he stalking me? I found another game by him. It was called "@#$%@#$%@#$%@#$%@#$%".. My stupid self decided to play that game.. It showed a blank baseplate flashing white and black, It hurted my eyes.

I tried to turn the graphics down. It revealed a sky with a ROBLOXian, It was deformed, brutally decimated. I couldn't take the brutalness so I decided to close ROBLOX. It didn't work. I tried to turn off my computer. Didn't work. I tried to unplug my computer, It was stuck. I decided to wait. Until..? @#$% joined again. I couldn't do anything but wander around and watch the screen, I couldn't chat.

@#$% had that same black handle, red knife. He slowly walked up to my ROBLOXian. I couldn't move. And brutally stabbed it as blood came out of it. I couldn't watch my ROBLOXian die. My character slowly turned to me. A audio played. It was a distorted version of someone saying " Why?" As @#$% kept stabbing. My ROBLOXian's head got decapitated with blood everywhere for a split second before crashing my ROBLOX again.

This frustrated me, so I went to play an obby. About 5 stages into the obby, @#$% joined the game. The screen appeared to warp as he easily completed 5 stages. Suddenly, my cursor vanished and I couldn't click anywhere.

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