The Cleansers

Sometime in Febuary 2015, I got a message from a player called "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm4" (he is banned now) saying "" Instinctivly I went to it thinking "what is this?".

When I joined, stuff popped up in my roblox game saying stuff like "go away" and "look up,you have been warned" and multiple jumpscares. Then I asked him if it was a troll, and he responded with "not trying to scare, just cleansing" and then he blocked me. I saw his groups and went on his 1 group,it was untitled with the group description, "Dream" and nothing else. the only people in the group were all identical characters, all black with a smile and a sailor's hat. (The link: On top of that, my roblox game and profile have been glitching including messages sending failing. Then I set my character to be like it so I could join the group. He messaged me saying "you are ill, we just want to fix you" and the game link. At this point I went to my friend Charlie's House(GeneralOfTheSky). My other friend Tyson(treeguy99) was there also. By the way, when I tried to join the group, he messaged me saying "American Please . Am not trying to Be Scary . Place of Mine is to Cleanse ." This creeped me out, because I AM AMERICAN!!! He also kept sending me messages saying the game link with no message title. My friends weren't really paying attention to this, because Charlie's old account (TeamSkyShow) got hacked.

While I was editing this, I found another weird game at this link-

A youtube video of the game is here-

Coming Soon


Note: Most of the links don't work because some of the users got banned. But, the group is acessable through this player's groups.

In the comments, say what you think. (REMEMBER, THIS IS REAL!!!)

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