(This is my very first pasta, so please leave feedback on how I should improve. Thanks!)

Part 1: The Introduction

I'm just your average 13 year old that plays ROBLOX. Nothing special about me, really. Tix is being removed very soon, so typical me decided a grave for Tix. Let's not question that, please. Getting onto the subject at hand, I was browsing the catalog to see just how expansive the new catalog items are. Mainly the hats due to me not caring about gear anymore. I'd chat with my friends on Steam, browse the catalog, and listen to some random music on YouTube. Generic 13 year old stuff. It was a perfectly normal day, and nothing was going wrong. Until...

Part 2: Unsold Item

To my surprise, I found an item not for sale on the catalog. This just seemed flat out impossible, as items that go offsale shouldn't even BE regularly available on the catalog! The item was named after my username, which made me jump for a second. I clicked on the item and saw that the description was just all my friends. Luigifan1234567, Pacandrago, Xbaseguypikachu435, etc. Not having that at all, I instantly clicked off the page and continued my daily business. This would be a grave mistake for the future.

Part 3: Explaining

I decided to explain the strange item to my friends and told them to look for it. They didn't find anything and assumed I was trying to prank them despite it being APRIL 12TH. Giving up on asking them for assistance, I go to play some random games. I usually play bad roleplays to make fun of their communities. However, upon logging in, I get forced to the catalog. I try to visit another page, but it keeps redirecting me to the catalog. There's more copies of the Unsold Item with each time I click. After like, 5 tries, I stop and examine the items. Attempting to click on one, the tab suddenly closes! At that point, I knew things were getting abnormal. Either someone I've made enemies with is hacking me, or the site is getting screwed with. Either answer sounds ridiculous, but they're not wrong. I tried opening up the ROBLOX home page, only to have it close again. I open ROBLOX via the launcher, and it closes again! I open up ROBLOX studio. You know how that goes. I decided not to even try ROBLOX for a good day or two. I should have just left it alone for longer.

Part 4: Madness

Upon trying the site again, it worked...but not in the way I was expecting. The site seemed like someone shot it rapidly, as there are holes and tears on it. The logo is missing its 2 O's, making it RBLX. The hell? I was freaking out and immediately closed the tab after looking at it for like 2 SECONDS. Then it opens itself back up and looks even more screwed up. Nervous, I try the games page. The button that leads to it falls off the page. I then try the Catalog, and it takes me there. Only one item remains on there. The unsold one, however it features a different name. It's my old, hacked account, Pikapikapikachu551! I click on the item, and the description simply said, "You're never getting it back." I knew this came from the hacker who took my old account from me. But how the hell did he hack the ENTIRE site just to convey this message to me?! I tried sending a help message to ROBLOX themselves...I got a response, but not the one I wanted to see. "YOU CAN'T SAVE IT." I send a message to my friends on steam about this...the same message appears in the chat and its closed. I decided to turn off the computer and just go about my day for awhile. I turned it back on after like, a week. Everything was normal, and I told my friends about this. I finally got them to believe me and i'm back to browsing dumb games. If you have a lost account, and an item appears with your username in it? DON'T CLICK IT.

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