The Bloody Void is stupid...

I am Dignity. I never hacked... So you want to know how I got banned? Ok then! Some time in 2012: I uploaded a song and then got banned. The song had some swear words in it. I didn't think I would get banned when I uploaded it.

7/02/2015: I created my last alt and noticed something new.... Everytime I opened cheat engine, the games shut down.... Damn it roblox!

7/20/2015: I created this page.... that's all..... I created this page..... I also creeped out some guy I found at Jaz0r's place.


8/23/2015: I try to be more active. I like creeping out noobs. There is something I must tell you..... 1x1x1x1 does not exist. Yes he is part of vermillion but I never saw him so he does not exist. Sorry 1x1x1x1 fans. that's the truth.

I will keep updating this everytime something ##### or #### happens.

Hehe. freddy gredy

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