So, what's up guys? NewBuildmini back here. I just got banned and i didn't do anything. I am not a gross/perv person. Where are ROBLOX moderators going. Spoiler: The ban is REAL. (I just got banned for no reason and decided to write a pasta about it.)

Day 1, when i got banned.

So i woke up, watched up some TV, TV is quite boring, then turned my PC from sleep mode as i never turn it off because two times my PC broke when i turned it on. I went to ROBLOX, and kaboom, i was sad as heck. I got banned. Banned for 3 days. Our content monitors have determined that your behavior at ROBLOX has been in violation of our Terms of Service. We will terminate your account if you do not abide by the rules.

Reviewed: 6/9/2016 9:04:36 PM

Moderator Note: Don't talk about inappropriate topics on ROBLOX.

Reason: Adult Content

Offensive Item: Red triangle with a red exclamation mark in middle of it with Content Blocked written in red below it.

I thought, u wot m8? I given up on ROBLOX but i sometimes use alts when i'm banned, i give up on ROBLOX till i get unbanned mostly. Decided to play Cities Skylines to blow off some steam.

Day 2

I woke up again. Why did i cover myself in sheets, it was hot aswell it was the summer. Nevermind, i went back to my PC and turned it on from sleep mode. I was still banned, but strange stuff happened, my cat was walking awkwardly, she wasn't hungry or thirsty, we give her anything she wants. She also moved her head and attacked air like she was attacking someone. Then my PC froze for 5 minutes while i played Cities Skylines, and my desktop turned into a gore picture of i believe my friend mutilated heavily in his apartment. I changed it right away back to my default Windows 7 desktop picture. Then my PC buzzed it's fan, strange, we cleaned yesterday and oiled the fans so they spin good. I found a notepad file on my desktop called Roblox.txt. It said: "You play roblox on alt or else". I ignored it since i gave up on ROBLOX. The desktop PC was my personal computer with fast ethernet connection. Nobody else ever used it as my parents have a seperate laptop.

Day 3, supposed unban day.

I woke up, went on Youtube and played more Cities Skylines to wait for the time it stated for unban. But i didn't get unbanned. Ban then changed. Banned for 9999999999999999999 days. Reviewed: 6/6/6666 6:59:59 PM. Moderator Note: Play roblox on your alt or else your friends are all dead. Reason: Laziness. Offensive Item: I am a christian and i believe in god, (not mine text after this) Listen up, Satanism is better than christianity you understand meh?? I was very brave and never scared of any screamers or pastas so i ignored it.

Day 4 error error error 666666666666

Ignore why the header is messed up, i dunno why. So i woke up again and my house was bloody. My cat was dead, my parents were dead, i looked outside the window and there was blank black sky. No stars, i saw one person looking at us from about 1 kilometer. Everytime i blinked it moved up closer and closer. When i stared it was still. I thought SCP-173? No way, SCP is fiction. Eventually my broken door opened and i had hiden in my closet grammar isnt important i have a nerf gun loaded with bulletz and a knife no matter i am writing this as fast as i can borrowing my parents laptap, i hear him getting closer thiz may be my last day in life i think ill write survival anyways


he is mine now, i warned him, and people, if you are banned, please play roblox on alts or else, i warned you all ok?



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